Han Avoids Violence In Trade Dispute (Star Wars – Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Han and Beckett are being questioned on why they did not make a delivery, which was their side of a trade deal, and now they must negotiate in order to avoid the consequence of death. The threat of death being used in negotiation is more common in illegal trades since there are no proper institutions to settle illegal trade disputes. Because there are no courts, coercion and violence are often the solution. This is an example of a Trade Dispute, or a disagreement between two parties regarding the goods/services being traded or the methods of which trade takes place. Institutions, which are the rules placed in a society that keep parties’ behaviors in balance, are not present in these illegal markets. Learn more about Trade Disputes, Institutions, and Coercion in this Clip!

Discussion Questions for “Han Avoids Violence in Trade Dispute”

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