Beckett Is An Entrepreneur (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Beckett had a deal with Dryden but backs out of the deal saying “I’m also an entrepreneur” after Han interrupted. Entrepreneurs are individuals that take on substantial risks to organize and operate their own businesses. Learn more about Entrepreneurship in this clip! Discussion Questions for “Beckett is an Entrepreneur”

Character Profile: Dryden Vos

Dryden Vos is the main antagonist in Solo: A Star Wars Story as well as makes appearances in television shows and video games. Dryden is a ruthless crime lord and the leader of the Crimson Dawn during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Dryden attempted to kill Han Solo; however, was betrayed by Qi’ra whichContinue reading “Character Profile: Dryden Vos”

Han Avoids Violence In Trade Dispute (Star Wars – Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Han and Beckett are being questioned on why they did not make a delivery, which was their side of a trade deal, and now they must negotiate in order to avoid the consequence of death. The threat of death being used in negotiation is more common in illegal trades since there are no proper institutionsContinue reading “Han Avoids Violence In Trade Dispute (Star Wars – Solo: A Star Wars Story)”