Minimum Effective Scale

The Cost of Restricting Input Choices Goals: Demonstrate how non-optimal input choices result in inefficient production. Demonstrate that minimum effective scale cannot be achieved if inputs are restricted. Time needed: 30 minutes Materials Required: Wood BBQ skewers, A package of large marshmallows, Bottles of super glue Overview: The concept of minimum effective scale (MES) isContinue reading “Minimum Effective Scale”

Hold Up Problem

Mando is Held Up. So are Firms. Goals: Students will experience hold-up problems in a one-shot game. Students will experience hold-up problems in a repeated game. Students will experience the market when the product isn’t specialized. Time needed: 30-45 minutes Materials Required: None Overview: Hold-up problems occur when firms exert effort for a specific buyer;Continue reading “Hold Up Problem”

Money Supply

Teaching Money Supply through Star Wars and a Think-Pair-Share: Goals for students in Kindergarten and Older Have students understand what makes something money.  Have students understand why stores won’t take money from other countries. Have students understand what bartering is and how it is used as a substitute when money is not available. Additional goalsContinue reading “Money Supply”

Concept Index

Concept: Clips: Assumptions –Han Has a Different Objective Authoritarian Government –Palpatine and Sabé Discuss Government Lags –Palpatine Takes Over Government–Anakin and Padmé Discuss Government–Palpatine Has Unlimited Power Bargain –Han and Jabba Bargain–Jabba Negotiating for Chewbacca Barriers to Entry –Toro Contracts Mando for a Job Barter Economy –Han Walks Through Barter Economy Best Alternative To aContinue reading “Concept Index”

Prisoner’s Dilemma

Goals: Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to use a Payoff Matrix and the background of the Prisoner’s Dilemma game. Students will demonstrate an understanding of Nash Equilibrium. Students will participate in a Prisoner’s Dilemma game of their own. Time needed: 30-40 minutes Materials Required: A lot of smaller candies (similar to what isContinue reading “Prisoner’s Dilemma”

Nevarro Sees Economic Growth (Star Wars – The Mandalorian)

In season 1 of The Mandalorian, we see Nevarro, a barren planet with crumbling institutions; however, in Season 2 after Mando, Cara, and Grief retake the planet and establish institutions, Navarro is unrecognizable. There are multiple changes implemented to the planet that allow for economic growth – this is representative of less developed countries thatContinue reading “Nevarro Sees Economic Growth (Star Wars – The Mandalorian)”

Mando Trades with Tusken Raiders and the Citizens of Mos Pelgo (Star Wars – The Mandalorian Episode 9)

The Tusken Raiders and the citizens of Mos Pelgo don’t like each other because of a long history of violent conflict; however, they decide to engage in a trade that both sides think will make them better off. In this case, it is to eliminate a Krayt Dragon, but their agreement is similar to whatContinue reading “Mando Trades with Tusken Raiders and the Citizens of Mos Pelgo (Star Wars – The Mandalorian Episode 9)”


Teaching Discrimination through Star Wars and a Think-Pair-Share: Initial goals: Show students examples of discrimination that occur in the Star Wars series. Teach students to think about how similar discrimination cases might occur in our galaxy. Help students understand how market forces could impact discrimination. Advanced goals: Show through demand and supply analysis how, ifContinue reading “Discrimination”

Beckett Is An Entrepreneur (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Beckett had a deal with Dryden but backs out of the deal saying “I’m also an entrepreneur” after Han interrupted. Entrepreneurs are individuals that take on substantial risks to organize and operate their own businesses. Learn more about Entrepreneurship in this clip! Discussion Questions for “Beckett is an Entrepreneur”