Money Supply

Teaching Money Supply through Star Wars and a Think-Pair-Share: Goals for students in Kindergarten and Older Have students understand what makes something money.  Have students understand why stores won’t take money from other countries. Have students understand what bartering is and how it is used as a substitute when money is not available. Additional goalsContinue reading “Money Supply”

Qui-Gon’s Republic Credits Are No Good (The Phantom Menace)

Qui-Gon is looking to purchase a T-14 hyperdrive generator, so he speaks to Watto. As Watto is the only person to have what Qui-Gon is looking for, he must take the price that Watto has set. The trouble is with how Qui-Gon is willing to pay (with Republic credits). Watto is unwilling to accept theContinue reading “Qui-Gon’s Republic Credits Are No Good (The Phantom Menace)”

Mando Faces Hold-Up Problem (The Mandalorian- Episode 1)

Mando meets with Greef Karga, who he captured a few prisoners for, now faces a new price after he has already done the work. Mando must either accept imperial credits (which he does not want as the Empire has fallen) or Calamari Flan (but he will only get half of the agreed-upon amount). As heContinue reading “Mando Faces Hold-Up Problem (The Mandalorian- Episode 1)”