Qui-Gon’s Republic Credits Are No Good (The Phantom Menace)

Qui-Gon is looking to purchase a T-14 hyperdrive generator, so he speaks to Watto. As Watto is the only person to have what Qui-Gon is looking for, he must take the price that Watto has set. The trouble is with how Qui-Gon is willing to pay (with Republic credits). Watto is unwilling to accept the credits as money, as it is not “real” enough for Watto. Watto would likely be more willing to accept a legal tender that is backed by a strong government as payment as opposed to a weaker one. Important characteristics of money include being easily portable, divisible, and widely accepted. Learn more about Money in this clip!

Discussion Questions for Qui-Gon’s Republic Credits Are No Good

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