Mando Trades with Tusken Raiders and the Citizens of Mos Pelgo (Star Wars – The Mandalorian Episode 9)

The Tusken Raiders and the citizens of Mos Pelgo don’t like each other because of a long history of violent conflict; however, they decide to engage in a trade that both sides think will make them better off. In this case, it is to eliminate a Krayt Dragon, but their agreement is similar to what happens with international trade – trades don’t happen unless both sides feel like they are better off because of the exchange. Mando is trading labor for the Mandalorian armor; the citizens of Mos Pelgo and Tusken Raiders are both trading their labor for peace and meat from the Krayt Dragon they jointly own. This is essentially to international trade, or trade between multiple countries. There are many inputs that are coming from multiple parties that produce one good that they all need, which is a dead Krayt Dragon. This is similar to how vehicle manufacturers use parts that come from multiple countries much like the production of the dead Krayt Dragon needed inputs from multiple parties. In this scenario, we see gains from trade, as no party is able to achieve this level of output alone; however, when each party specializes in production of one piece of the puzzle (Raiders are knowledgeable of the Krayt Dragon, the citizens of Mos Pelgo have a lot of labor, and Mando is good at organizing the attack). This clip also highlights an often under-reported benefit of free trade: it lessens the likelihood of war. The Raiders and the citizens of Mos Pelgo had fought in the past, but because they are better off from trading with each other, they will be less likely to engage in military action. This is a benefit of free trade in general, as countries that gain from trading with each other have more to lose from engaging in an armed conflict. Learn more about International Trade and Gains from Trade in this clip!

Discussion Questions for Mando Trades with the Tusken Raiders and the Citizens of Mos Pelgo

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