Han Walks Through Barter Economy (Star Wars – Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Han walks through a Barter Economy where people are trading (and stealing) goods from one another as they plan to trade their findings and will “give an extra portion” for certain items. A Barter Economy is a cashless system where the value of items are negotiated and traded for one another. This is a very large part of economic history as it predates recorded history and is still prevalent in popular cultures (one instance being Kyle MacDonald famously turning a single red paperclip into a two-story house in just 14 trades between 2005-2006 and another instance being playing/trading cards), and everyday life. Economics with Currency Crises, a situation where doubt on whether a country’s currency has value, may also revert back to a Barter Economy in order to continue making transactions. Learn more about Barter Economies and Currency Crises in this clip!

Discussion Questions for “Han Walks Through Barter Economy”

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