Han Values Cargo Greater Than His Life (Star Wars – Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Han, Lando, Beckett, and Qi’ra decide to risk their lives for the cargo they are carrying. If they drop the cargo, they will be hunted down and killed by Dryden; if they take a risk by taking a shortcut in order to make the delivery in time, they have a chance at making the delivery in time, thus surviving. The four needed to put a value on their lives and the possibility of death in both scenarios. The Statistical Value of a Life is the marginal rate of substitution between income/wealth and the risk of death and can show how much individuals are willing to pay to reduce the risk of their death. Economists also come up with values for lives that is used by major governments. Learn more about Value of a Life in this clip!

Discussion Questions for “Han Values Cargo Greater Than His Life”

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