Palpatine Has Unlimited Power (Revenge Of The Sith)

Palpatine is the sith lord and a traitor to the government. Mace wants to kill him as he is too dangerous to be left alive. Anakin wants to let Palpatine live because he thinks Palpatine can help save his loved ones. Mace tells Anakin that Palpatine has control of the courts and senate and has “unlimited power” when he kills Mace with the assistance of Anakin. The fact that Palpatine has control of both the Senate and the courts is what makes him so dangerous since it would make it very similar to an Authoritarian Government, where there is one central power that makes all of the decisions. This is an inferior form of government to Democracy, where individuals vote for elected officials to represent them in policy making, as Democracy supports free markets and has checks and balances. Lean more about Authoritarian Government and Democracy in this clip!

Discussion Questions for Palpatine Has Unlimited Power

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