Mando Joins a Team (Star Wars- The Mandalorian- Episode 6)

Mando joins a team to rescue a prisoner and each member of the team has a different set of skills to help in this mission. This is an example of specialization, specifically labor specialization, and explains the ‘U’ section of the marginal cost curve. This is because as each team member has a different comparative advantage that allows the team as a whole to function more efficiently with multiple members than it does with only one or two members. Specialization is when an individual who is highly skilled in one area, specializes in that one particular job, and does only that job. Increased Specialization leads to a lower Marginal Cost, which is the cost incurred for producing one additional unit of the good/service. Learn more about Specialization and Marginal Cost in this clip!

Discussion Questions for “Mando Joins a Team”

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