Han and Lando Reunite (The Empire Strikes Back)

Han goes to Cloud City to see his old friend, Lando, to have some repairs on his ship. Han asks Lando how his gas mine business is doing, to which Lando discusses his difficulties, which are partly due to supply and labor problems. Han then tells Lando that sounds like a responsible leader, to which Lando explains that that is the cost that one must pay for being successful. The cost that Lando pays for being successful is not a monetary cost, but rather an opportunity cost that is the value of the opportunity forgone (in Lando’s case, the value of him exploring the galaxy with Han instead of being responsible). Supply and labor problems are common managerial problems that can be explained by managerial economics, which is the field of relating economic concepts in the business field. Learn more about Opportunity Cost and Managerial Economics in this clip!

Discussion Questions for Han and Lando Reunite

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