Obi-Wan Learns About Clones (Attack Of The Clones)

Obi-Wan is learning about the production process of Clones. There are intense training programs and growth acceleration that allows the production time to be cut in half. This is similar to the production of other goods that have the optimal inputs and allow for more efficient production. It is important for a firm to chooseContinue reading “Obi-Wan Learns About Clones (Attack Of The Clones)”

Han and Jabba Bargain (A New Hope)

JJabba The Hutt expresses his disappointment in Han Solo for being late with a payment. Han is one of Jabba’s smugglers in the illegal goods market and recently dropped his cargo at the sight of an imperial starship, which lost Jabba money. To alleviate Jaba’s disappointment Han offers to not only pay him back butContinue reading “Han and Jabba Bargain (A New Hope)”