Character Profile: Rey Skywalker

Rey Skywalker is the daughter of Palpatine’s cloned son and makes appearances in “The Force Awakens,” “The Last Jedi,” and “The Rise of Skywalker”. Rey is a Jedi Master who fought with the Resistance. Rey grew up in hiding with her parents as junk traders. Rey was trained as a Jedi by Luke Skywalker. ReyContinue reading “Character Profile: Rey Skywalker”

C3PO Risks Memory (Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker)

In order to translate a message from SITH into a language more easily understood, C-3PO must risk losing his memory. C-3PO is able to back up his memory with R2-D2; however, this is very unreliable. C-3PO must conduct a Cost-Benefit Analysis, or determine the costs and benefits of any particular action to determine if theContinue reading “C3PO Risks Memory (Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker)”