Character Profile: Leia Organa

Leia Organa is the heroines in the original trilogy and makes appearances in “Revenge of the Sith,” “A New Hope,” “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Return of the Jedi,” “The Force Awakens,” “Rogue One,” “The Last Jedi,” “The Rise of Skywalker,” as well as multiple television series. Aliases: Princess Leia, Your Highness, Your Worshipfulness, Your Worship,Continue reading “Character Profile: Leia Organa”

Jabba Negotiating for Chewbacca (Return of the Jedi)

Jabba and the bounty hunter (who’s really Princess Leia) are bargaining over Chewbacca. This shows how two parties may bargain and negotiate by going back and forth and by placing values they are willing to accept in the transaction. These values are achieved by each party determining their Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA),Continue reading “Jabba Negotiating for Chewbacca (Return of the Jedi)”

Leia’s Home of Alderaan is Destroyed (A New Hope)

Wilhuff Tarkin gives Princess Leia the choice of telling him the location of the rebel base or else he will destroy her home planet of Alderaan. Now Leia is faced with the choice of allowing Alderaan to be destroyed or disclosing the rebel base. This, of course, relies on Wilhuff Tarkin’s threat to be aContinue reading “Leia’s Home of Alderaan is Destroyed (A New Hope)”

Leia and Han’s Motivation (A New Hope)

Princess Leia says that their mission is not over yet; however, Han says that it is for him as he “isn’t in it for the revolution” – he expects to be well paid. This is due to the heightened danger of continuing on the journey with Princess Leia. The supply of people willing to completeContinue reading “Leia and Han’s Motivation (A New Hope)”