Jyn Speaks With Rebels (Star Wars – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

Jyn is being questioned about speaking to Saw Gerrera in order to mend his relationship with the other rebels. Jyn responds that since they are also rebels they should be able to talk to him without sending her. It is explained to Jyn that when one party is an extremist and tries to ‘one-up’ others, they are all worse off. This is similar to Game Theory in a Prisoner’s Dilemma situation where the two parties have the choice of cooperating or defecting. They may be best off to cooperate; however, the Nash Equilibrium is to defect from any agreement. Nash Equilibrium is a term, named after economist John Nash, that represents the strategies for a game in which no player can get a better payoff by switching to a different available strategy, given the other player’s choices. Learn more about Prisoner’s Dilemma and Nash Equilibrium in this clip!

Discussion Questions for “Jyn Speaks With Rebels”

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