Cara Is Unwilling To Help Mando At First (Star Wars- The Mandalorian- Episode 7)

When asked, Cara is unwilling to help Mando with a job with “handsome reward” until she hears that the enemy is the Imperial troops. Since Cara does not like the Imperial troops, this is seen by Cara as an added incentive to accepting this job. An Incentive is something that motivates or drives individuals to act a certain way. As a way to incentivize employees to take jobs, many modern employers have non-salary benefits such as health and life insurance as well as retirement plans, known as Non-Pecuniary Benefits. Non-Pecuniary Benefits, are benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, or in this case, Cara knowing that she will be able to fight the imperial troops. Companies such as Google and Facebook among others even provide free food and recreation facilities and many jobs provide flexible time and passion projects. Job choices are a function of all aspects of the job, not only the monetary base salary. Learn more about Non-Pecuniary Benefits in this clip!

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