R2-D2 Faces Discrimination (Attack Of The Clones)

Anakin, Padme and R2-D2 are on a ship in the cafeteria area, when R2 goes to the foodservice area to get food for Padme. R2 is told by another Droid, who is serving the food, that there are “no Droids!” allowed to get food. This is an example of discrimination that some individuals have faced throughout history. Discrimination is when an individual or firm chooses to treat one group of individuals differently based on a common characteristic (Droids are commonly discriminated against in the Star Wars universe). Discrimination can be costly to individuals and firms since they will often willingly spend more money for a less efficient method of production, or through a firm refusing to serve a particular group that decreases potential revenue (as we see in this clip, with the cafeteria losing a potential customer in R2). This essentially creates a cost for discriminating to the discriminating firm. Learn more about Discrimination in this clip!

Discussion Questions for R2-D2 Faces Discrimination

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