Palpatine and Sabé Discuss Government Lags (The Phantom Menace)

Senator Palpatine and the Sabé, who is thought to be Queen Padmé Amidala, discuss the lags in getting effective government policy, or the rules in place by a governmental body, passed. This is very similar to real governments around the world, that often have many stages in passing policy. Government Lag is the time between the action being taken and the impact that is seen from this action. Democracy, a form of government in which individuals vote for elected officials to represent them in policymaking, is a common type of government that would have a Government Lag as opposed to an Authoritarian Government, a type of government with one strong central power. Government Lags is one type of Bureaucratic Failure that is when government employees act inefficiently. Learn more about Government Policy, Government Lags, Authoritarian Government, Democracy, and Bureaucratic Failure in this clip!

Discussion Questions for Palpatine and the Sabé Discuss Government Lags

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