Mando and the Mechanic Talk About the Ship (The Mandalorian- Episode 5)

Mando has insisted that the mechanic not use Droids on his ship. This has resulted in her spending more time than necessary doing the repair work (thus increasing the costs). This is an example of non-optimal input choices. This can happen in the production processes when by law (or, as in this case, customer restrictions through discrimination) a firm is forced to, effectively, waste money by not producing in the most efficient manner due to using non-optimal inputs. This is a form of deadweight loss as the same product could be produced for a lower cost if produced efficiently. Discrimination is when an individual or firm choses to treat one group of individuals differently based on a common characteristic (Droids are commonly discriminated against in the Star Wars universe). Discrimination can be costly to individuals or firms since they will often willingly spend more money for a less efficient method of production, as Mando is doing with the droids in this clip, or through a firm refusing to serve a particular group, which is decreasing potential revenue. Learn more about Inputs and Discrimination in this clip!

Discussion Questions for Mando and the Mechanic Talk About the Ship

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