The Cost of Luke’s College (A New Hope)

Luke gets upset when he can’t go off to flight academy in the upcoming fall as he must stay to help his Uncle Owen during the harvest. In order to be able to stay and help his uncle for one more harvest season, there are several things that Luke must forgo; the most valuable of these for Luke is the flight academy. This means that the opportunity cost of staying to farm another year, or the most valuable thing that Luke will forgo by staying, is starting at the flight academy. The academy is more valuable to Luke than the harvest as he is looking to increase his human capital by learning skills at the flight academy. Opportunity cost is the value of the opportunity forgone (in Luke’s case, the value of him going to flight school). Human capital is the skills, knowledge, or experience that an individual has; Luke has the opportunity to increase his human capital by attending flight school. Learn more about Opportunity Cost and Human Capital in this clip!

Discussion Questions for The Cost of Luke’s College

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