Yoda Training Luke to Become a Jedi (The Empire Strikes Back)

Luke goes to speak to Yoda in order to continue his Jedi training. Yoda initially told Luke that he was too old to begin the training and that it wasn’t worth it for him. Yoda did not think that Luke would be able to finish the training with the amount of time that he had. Jedi training is something that takes a lot of time, this is time taken away from both Luke and Yoda. Luke’s Jedi training will increase his human capital and allow him to be more efficient in helping the rebellion. Luke believes that the time spent in training now will be worth it in the future. Human capital is the skills, knowledge, or experience that an individual has; Luke has the opportunity to increase his human capital by learning from Yoda. Luke has done a Cost-Benefit Analysis, which is when an individual weighs the costs and benefits of any particular action to determine if the benefit received is greater than the cost of doing any particular action. Learn more about Human Capital and Cost-Benefit-Analyses in this clip!

Discussion Questions for Yoda Training Luke to Become a Jedi

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