Jabba Negotiating for Chewbacca (Return of the Jedi)

Jabba and the bounty hunter (who’s really Princess Leia) are bargaining over Chewbacca. This shows how two parties may bargain and negotiate by going back and forth and by placing values they are willing to accept in the transaction. These values are achieved by each party determining their Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA),Continue reading “Jabba Negotiating for Chewbacca (Return of the Jedi)”

Concept Index

Concept: Clips: Assumptions –Han Has a Different Objective Authoritarian Government –Palpatine and Sabé Discuss Government Lags –Palpatine Takes Over Government–Anakin and Padmé Discuss Government–Palpatine Has Unlimited Power Bargain –Han and Jabba Bargain–Jabba Negotiating for Chewbacca Barriers to Entry –Toro Contracts Mando for a Job Barter Economy –Han Walks Through Barter Economy Best Alternative To aContinue reading “Concept Index”